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Anderson Bean


Anderson Bean boots are made with all leather construction from the highest quality materials possible. There are no foam or rubber fillers or overcomplicated stabilization systems. 0ver a century and a half of experience has provided our boot makers with the knowledge and experience to craft a uniquely high quality product. They start with premium hides to provide comfort and longevity. You will not find any synthetic hides or man-made leather in our boots, ever. The hides are cut with an attention to detail and placement on the hide to allow each piece to naturally expand and contract with heat and moisture, just as nature designed.

The majority of our boots are made with leather soles or hybrid soles that combine an all leather sole with an injected molded rubber pad at the ball of the foot to extend the longevity of the sole and maintain the flex of the boot. With these traditional types of soles we use lemon wood pegs to secure the Spring Steel Shank in place in the arch of the foot for support. This process is more than tradition, it is pure functionality, and our craftsmen have been using it for over 150 years. The pegs will actually expand and contract with the leather as it changes temperature and moisture content so that they do not fall out or rust like a nail.

From the ground up, our boots are built with the finest and most durable materials that nature can supply. Each pair is lined with premium cowhide and has leather heel counters and leather insoles. Simple attention to detail is the key in every part of the process of making Anderson Bean boots. It’s a lot easier to not overcomplicate things.

The most important aspect of Anderson Bean Boot Company is the Human Element. From our craftsmen to our customers we have been truly blessed. We try to answer each e-mail and social media message that comes in with questions about our boots, because, we like hearing from our customers. We like to hear all the good things as well as the not so good. If you have had an issue with our boots, please let us know so that we can take care of it as best we can. This is all part of the process of constant attention to quality. We will stand behind our product, so that you can count on it.

– Anderson Bean Boots