Lazy J Ranch Wear Men's Koby Toiletry Bag - Charcoal

Lazy J Ranch Wear Men's Koby Toiletry Bag - Charcoal. Made from a 100% antibacterial, leak resistant and easy to clean silicone. It is a bag that feels like leather and works like a wet suit The Koby Bag is finished with a heavy-duty zipper and hanging chain for access in the shower. It is made for both at home convenience and travel needs. Why not get two With its ample storage, the Toiletries Koby Bag is the ideal bag for any and all of your toiletry items. It can hold items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shave creme, shampoos, conditioners. It can even fit full-sized products The Koby Bag is not your typical dopp bag, it’s better! Its innovative waterproof silicone technology allows you to safely store your items and keep them clean, whether that be through travel or at home in the shower

This silicone-based toiletry bag measures at spacious 10in x 6in x 6in and only weighs 0.6lb. Toiletries not included.

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