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Two Dove Men's The Boone Vintage Camo Long Sleeve Shirt

The camo you asked for or the camo that you didn't know you needed. This shirt is designed for the Southern Outdoors. Lightweight to keep you comfortable and durable enough to handle a mesquite thorn. Sorry, not sorry, you will get noticed in this vintage camo Boone long sleeve. *This is a more modern fit that traditional Outdoor Shirts. It has been taken it in some around the midsection so you get a less "boxy" fit.
  • Magnetic Pocket Closure. (easy access)
  • Sunglasses Cleaner. (keep those specs spotless)
  • Hidden Left Chest Zipper Pocket. (sometimes two pockets aren't enough)
  • Vented Underarms. (keep those pits dry)
  • Tri-Blend: 71% Polyester, 21% Cotton, 8% Spandex. (lightweight material that moves with you)
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